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Fall in Shapsugs painting by Viktor Weyss

Q: Do you distinguish between an artist and a person? A: Yes and no. When you look at the artist's works in his absence, there is a certain opinion about his work. If it is interesting and exciting, then you create an image of the author involuntarily in your consciousness, akin to his creativity. But, if you see an arrogant and in many respects, a negative person, you begin to believe that creativity can be insincere. Therefore, you have to evaluate his work separately from the author.   Q: Do [...]

“Poetic Justice” the picture is complex, rather complicated. The abundance of symbolic details makes it difficult to understand the concept of the artist. A painting shows the futility of trying to dissect poetry. The artist Samson Gabriel protests against mechanical Evaluation of Art. In the twenties of the last century, revolutionary art collapsed in its pursuit of everything subordinate soulless to the constructiveness. Like most of his paintings are written in a low-key, noble gray-pearl gam [...]

Hilly countryside of Tushia, fields, forests, and full-flowing rivers of the Moscow region perfectly connected in two medieval towns of the Chiminsky mountains, was once inhabited by the Etruscans, Romans, Goths, Longobards, Franks, and Normans. Ercole Ercoli lives and works in Vallerano, where he was born. Sergey Dronov lives and works in Vinanello, where he moved from Moscow. Only a few miles of picturesque lands are separated from each other. As pleasing to the eye are olive groves, vineyards [...]

Julia Weyss Gallery

ARTISTNY EDITORIAL BY REBECCA APRIL 1ST, 2017 4:28 PM Julia Weyss, what are you working on now? What are your plans for the future? Currently on my unfinished canvas I have a view of the ocean, and I am uncertain of it's outcome. Many artists say that you need to represent on canvas what is depicted at the end, but I see everything differently. I could never build a certain algorithm of my actions in life,  I never plan my day. To me, planing my creativity is simply impossible. There are some th [...]

Ercole Ercoli Paintings

In Ercole Ercoli's paintings, is increase complexity, both in the details and in the aspects of art. He is a person who understands nature.  He uses classic elements in his panting, and economy in his user of colors.   He paints with oil on a canvas, showing his techniques of blending and perfecting his art, with absolute understanding of nature.   He spends many hours in his studio, and leaves his material the way it is, to continue the art the following day. Collectors, dealers, and [...]

Still life with apples by Julia Weyss

ARTISTNY EDITORIAL BY MARINA KUTZ MAR 14TH, 2017 11:00 AM Biography Julia Weyss — is an artist who has recently become engaged in creativity. She is still in search of style, manners, and technique, gradually coming to understand what she wants to express in her art. At the moment, she chooses oil painting that which she is most familiar with.  In the graphics she applies a watercolor technique as an experimental material. For an artist, the main thing is an idea. A thought and a feeling. Julia [...]

Artwork Foreign by Viktor Weyss

Biography of Painter Viktor Weyss Artist Viktor Weyss lived in Central Asia half his life. His work is a symbiosis of Eastern and European culture. His work can be defined as decorative realism. He is not limited to paint only still life and landscapes. His work is important to him not only by the form, but also in it's content. The graphic works - monotype, differ in their color complexity and unusual techniques of the composition. The artist is not inclined to work with nature, because as he b [...]

Sergey Dronov in a Gallery

Anything that happened between people thousands of years ago, is almost the same thing as to say something about the events of yesterday. The language of metaphor, helps me to better express the idea of paintings. It must be said that S. Dronov excelled in the works in this direction. His art is intuitive and charming, pointed personally. The artist involves rethinking,transforming images,and the aesthetic principles of antiquity. The Ancient Artwork balances all off of each other. Showing diffe [...]

Artist Max Kutz

The massive and brightly-hued exhibition of abstract by Max Kutz has a show attendance and quality standard that’s hard to equal. This unusual artwork is spectacular in every aspect.  His work shows daring color combinations of deep red to inventive, transparent blue splashes to formidable green and yellow compositions.   When I first met Max, I immediately was struck by the serious, professional attitude he had towards his career.  He was obviously a multi-talented artist, and his personal [...]

Interior with a Cat by Alexander Fuza

Alexander Fuza creates his paintings with a specific variety of colors. He uses cool toned shades, and includes a special technique of shading. He includes sharp lines and shapes, and paints many backgrounds and designs. He uses oil paint for his paintings. His art is loved by many people, and is featured on saatchi art.     One of Alexander's paintings "Interior with a Cat”, includes hidden pictures such as an angry cat, a person, a palm tree, etc. His paintings make you look deeper to fin [...]

Viktor Weyss was born on December 18th, 1956 in Northern Kazakhstan, Karaguga station. He moved to the capital of Tajikstan - Dushanbe with his family in 1969. To begin his art career, he entered the Republican Art college (Dushanbe), and graduated from that school in 1976. His influencing career began in 1980, when he was admitted to the Union of Artists. Since 2013, he is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. His work includes painting, graphics, monumental art, and is a partici [...]

Art is expressed from the heart. It shows feeling, wisdom, and all different messages all through one canvas.  Artist Sergey Dronov was born in 1957 and attended the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts from 1978 to 1983. His artwork expresses a different sort of message throughout his artwork unlike anyone else.  Though every little stroke to every finishing touch, he shows intricate beauty and love. His work shows a message of humanity. His pieces of art all have a symbolical of humanism in it by showi [...]

Art is expressed from the heart. It shows feeling, wisdom, and all different messages all through one canvas. Artist Sergey Dronov was born in 1957 and attended the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts from 1978 to 1983. His artwork expresses a different sort of message throughout his artwork unlike anyone else.   Through every little stroke to every finishing touch, Dronov shows intricate beauty and love. His work shows a message of humanity. His pieces of art all have a symbolism of humanism in it by s [...]