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Biography Of Painter Viktor Weyss and The Art through artists eyes

Artwork Foreign by Viktor Weyss

Viktor Weyss Profile PhotoBiography of Painter Viktor Weyss

Artist Viktor Weyss lived in Central Asia half his life. His work is a symbiosis of Eastern and European culture.

His work can be defined as decorative realism. He is not limited to paint only still life and landscapes.

His work is important to him not only by the form, but also in it’s content.

The graphic works – monotype, differ in their color complexity and unusual techniques of the composition.

The artist is not inclined to work with nature, because as he believes it limits his creative freedom.

Viktor in general begins in abstract to allow him self to be more free in the color to solution of composition.

But abstraction, as such, is not what interests him. He uses it as a means to solve the conceived plot of the picture, i.е. from chaos to a specific idea.  Stable decorative style in his paintings and aestheticism in graphics, socio-cultural hedonism and a kind of self-sufficiency, is a desire for symbolism and myth-making distinguishes his works.

Monumental art – majolica panel, painting the temple, the manufacture of reliefs on the facade of the temple gave impetus to the artist to spiritual and professional growth.


Angel and Aggel Original Painting

“Angel and Aggel” Painting

There is such an expression in the Christian religion as “From God and from Crafty “, i.e. Good and evil, which is for all our lives. To

Youth, one expresses calm. The other is tense and ready for action any moment. Our life on earth is an opportunity for free Choice:

how we will live it, and for whom of these two young men will we follow.





Title: Angel and Aggel, oil on canvas
Date Created: 2008
Medium: Oil Paint
Physical Dimensions: Height: 39″; Width: 51″ inches
Art Movement: Decorative Realism


Guided Original Painting“Guided” Painting

From time immemorial, mankind dreamed of being free. But in my opinion,

to the question “what does it mean to be free?”, not everyone can answer.  In life, we depend on many factors – from society, religion,

and money, eventually. We often observe how one person appears or a group of people with their own, even delirious idea.

Nevertheless, they follow him (they think) into a bright future.



Title: Odalisque, oil on canvas
Date Created: 2015
Medium: Oil Paint
Physical Dimensions: Height: 51″; Width: 70″ inches
Art Movement: Decorative Realism


Foreign Original Painting“Foreign” Painting

The plot of the picture reflects the situation familiar to many and relevant in modern world. This concerns the coexistence of different people with different Culture and religion. When suddenly, because of any disagreement one part of society becomes an outcast.  People find themselves in the “strange” environment in which they lived a long life.



Title: Foreign, oil on canvas
Date Created: 2014
Medium: Oil Paint
Physical Dimensions: Height: 47″; Width: 78″ inches
Art Movement: Decorative Realism


Viktor began painting in his early age. He was admitted to the Union of Artists.  Since 1991 he continues his professional career as an artist. His art is presented in many art shows and galleries.

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