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What painting “Poetic Justice” by the artist Samson Gabriel shows

Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice

“Poetic Justice” the picture is complex, rather complicated. The abundance of symbolic details makes it difficult to understand the concept of the artist. A painting shows the futility of trying to dissect poetry. The artist Samson Gabriel protests against mechanical Evaluation of Art.

In the twenties of the last century, revolutionary art collapsed in its pursuit of everything subordinate soulless to the constructiveness.

Like most of his paintings are written in a low-key, noble gray-pearl gamut, a clear drawing of even the smallest details.

The most imaginative work is “Religious freedom”. The idea of ​​the picture is an eternal national theme from the time of the Egyptian captivity and the Sinai revelation until the creation of the Jewish state. A classic drawing is an ornament of a painting, but her soul is philosophical idea of ​​freedom of thought, inner freedom, born of deep faith.

A dramatic biblical story about Sodom and Gomorrah received the artist’s modern interpretation. Interest in the ancient history and norms of Jewish morality and morality was awakened by the artist in his early childhood in the bosom of the family.

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