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Julia Weyss a professional artist of creative paintings

Still life with apples by Julia Weyss

MAR 14TH, 2017 11:00 AM

Artist Painter Julia Weyss
Artist Painter Julia Weyss


Julia Weyss — is an artist who has recently become engaged in creativity.

She is still in search of style, manners, and technique, gradually coming to understand what she wants to express in her art.

At the moment, she chooses oil painting that which she is most familiar with.  In the graphics she applies a watercolor technique as an experimental material.

For an artist, the main thing is an idea. A thought and a feeling.

Julia is looking for a form that does not hold the thought in the grip, which would help to force the viewer to experience the excitement and emotion, impressed by what they saw.

Julia believes every person’s  vision of the world forms during childhood.  From interrelation, communication with nature, a mother’s love, and conversations with their father.

All of these moments are episodes of childhood that stretch throughout our entire life until death.

The fact that we look, listen, read, and absorb into ourselves intuitively comes out & expressed through creativity.

Julia helps in the work of music and poetry.  Her paintings in the most part cause sadness, a state of rest, and a desire to enter the painting.

Her work is spiritual, sensual and philosophical.

It is amazing to see what can delight, surprise, or make one laugh or cry; effect the soul.


Miror Oil on Canvas by Artist Painter Julia Weyss
Painting “Mirror” | Oil on Canvas | Height: 62.9″; Width: 47.2″


The work was inspired under impression of music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

A sense of flying, voyage, experiencing the desire to bring the soul into the higher, spiritual world.

The search for spiritual beginning, the absence of the earthly is why the scene behind the main subject, which is a temple in the background.

The temple is what we have deep inside extending far down from the top of our spiritual impulses.

Feelings of the quality of being thankful, a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction, and looking back at something.

Understanding that everything that we live for is tolerant, forgiving, and having the desire to go there.

In our life, we strive for perfection.

The central figure is the result, maturity, a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, and the state of taking pleasure from something in the present.







Silence Painting by Julia Weyss
Painting “Silence” | Oil on Canvas | Height: 31.4″; Width: 39.3″


The painting was painted after her father’s death, and is devoted to Julia’s father.

He is a man in a bird, spiritual significance, a totem.

A man sits enjoying the sunset, thinking about life – gone by in time and no longer existing in the present, or likely to happen in the future.

There, beyond the horizon is the sea, which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet, unexplored, extending far down from the top or surface, wanting to experience a spacious, different life.

Here is a calm and complete absence of sound, to the further side of the horizon is something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

“I would like to sail to the sea and not return”, – at the time when he was still in good health, these words seemed not able to be understood.

Even disturbing the state of being awake and aware of surroundings.

Only now we clearly realize that this would be a conception of what is a perfect death for him.



Apple orchard by Julia Weyss
Painting “Apple orchard” | Oil |  Height: 51.8″; Width: 62.9″

Apple orchard

When relatives leave, there is something remembered from the past. A recollection.

It can be anything.  An instrument which he worked with, shoes in which he walked, a small, smooth stone which lay in his pocket or a garden where he planted.

Everything is filled with love. An intense feeling of deep affection which the soul thrives on.

Memory breathes, remaining for many years. Causing sadness, a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, a feeling of worry and appeasement.

It remains for us. Recent work is linked by a chain of events and Reflection. The picture “Apple Garden” summed up the line.


For Julia Weyss  a main road is not a suggestion. It is an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in her mind.

Carrying a thought of an imagined event or situation is what drives her to expressing a desire with her paintings.


—  Marina Kutz

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