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Sergey Dronov

Art is expressed from the heart. It shows feeling, wisdom, and all different messages all through one canvas. 

Artist Sergey Dronov was born in 1957 and attended the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts from 1978 to 1983.

His artwork expresses a different sort of message throughout his artwork unlike anyone else.  Though every little stroke to every finishing touch, he shows intricate beauty and love. His work shows a message of humanity. His pieces of art all have a symbolical of humanism in it by showing beauty of the body in different and unique ways.

Many of his paintings are property of the Russian Painters Union, of the Moscow Painters Union, of the “Muscovite Canvas” Gallery, of “La Prima” , of the “Scoglio di Quarto”, “Spazio Immagine” and “Segreto di Bocca” of Milan, as also, of various private collections in Russia, France, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, Holland and Belgium.

2004 – Personal exposition “Segrete di Bocca” of Milan.

2006 – Personal exposition of art and graphics at the International Festival “Intermundia – the Intercultural Fair” in Rome.

2007 – Personal exposition of art and graphics at “Virtus” in Rome.

2010 – Collective exposition “Lev Tolstoj Homage Tribute Blagodarnost” at the Dioscuri Complex in the Quirinale of Rome with the patronage of the Albatros Cultural Association.

2013 – Personal graphic and art exposition arranged by Agostino Bagnato at “The Russian Center of Culture and Science” at the Santa Croce Building in Rome with the patronage of the Federal Russian Embassy for the Italian Republic,of the Cultural Association “Albatros”, of the Painters Union of Moscow and of the “Rossotrudnicestvo” Representatives in Italy.


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