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Vendor: Max Kutz

Max Kutz Artist
Max Kutz

Max Kutz is an artist who understands the complexity of abstract art and masterfully creates art pieces that are accessible to the general public. Specializing in acrylic and mixed media, he produces thoughtful art pieces that balance the process of stretching creative liberties while maintaining social expectations to remain ‘on the grid’. His collection shows the consistency that he can achieve across a collection with similar ideas and concepts but each piece is produced to showcase its own unique flair.

Abstract art defines the expected in an unexpected way and provides the viewer, audience, or partner in art more freedom in the process. There becomes less of a ‘right and wrong’ mentality through interpretation and the way that art impacts the viewer becomes more of a personal experience. That is not to say that behind abstract art there is no meaning. Often the creation of abstract art requires more decisiveness and personal backstory through the creation process with the artist in order to make the nothingness translate to something extraordinary.

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