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Abstract Series of Paintings by Max Kutz

Artist Max Kutz
The massive and brightly-hued exhibition of abstract by Max Kutz has a show attendance and quality standard that’s hard to equal. This unusual artwork is spectacular in every aspect.  His work shows daring color combinations of deep red to inventive, transparent blue splashes to formidable green and yellow compositions.


When I first met Max, I immediately was struck by the serious, professional attitude he had towards his career.  He was obviously a multi-talented artist, and his personal commitment to creating adventuresome, action-packed fulfilling paintings kept a remarkable freshness to the abstract field.


I later learned that Kutz had been interested in becoming an artist at an earlier age, but did not have the motivation and spark to do it. He followed his family’s guidance and pursued an artistic career. Since the early 2000’s, has been enthusiastically painting privately and extensively. Max ultimately began developing a recognizable iconic style of abstract. 


His latest series of art include color synchronization and poetic movement in the first dimension that becomes engagingly beautiful and harmonious.


“Burgundy Accent” 60″ H x 48″ W
“Color Extravaganza” 48″ H x 36″ W
“Orange Impression” 60″ H x 48″ W
“Scrambled Mind” 60″ H x 48″ W


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