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“White Day” Original Watercolor Painting

“White Day” Original Watercolor Painting

by Viktor Weyss

Viktor Weyss

Viktor Weyss was born on 12/18/1956, in Northern Kazakhstan, Karaguga station. In 1969 he moved with his family to the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe. In 1972 he entered the Republican Art College (Dushanbe), and in 1976 successfully he graduated. Since 1980 began the exhibition industry. In 1986 he was admitted to the Union of Artists. In 1991, due to changes in the political situation in the country, increasing nationalist sentiment and the beginning of military operations in Tajikistan, forced his family to leave the country.  Since 1991 lives in Slavyansk-on-Kuban Krasnodar Territory, where continued professional activity.
  • 1992 - Member of the Russian Artists' Union. 
  • Since 2013 he is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Forms of art: painting, graphics, monumental Art.
  • Participant of national, regional, zonal, Russian and international exhibitions.
  • Winner of the Prize 3 exhibition VI Russian contest "Russian Artists - for clean water."
  • Winner of the XII interregional professional competition "Biennale-2015".
  • Viktor was awarded the Gold and Silver Medal of Creative Union of Russian Artists.
1987 - All-Union Exhibition of works of young artists "Youth country ", Moscow, Manege.
1989 - International Exhibition of works by young artists socialist countries, Moscow.
1996 - Regional exhibition "Contemporary art of Kuban" Krasnodar city.
1998 - Regional exhibition, Krasnodar
2002 - Regional Exhibition, Krasnodar
2006 - Personal exhibition, Slavyansk-on-Kuban. 
2007 - Biennale, Krasnodar
2008 - Personal exhibition, Krasnodar
2008 - Triennale, Krasnodar
2008 - Regional Exhibition "South of Russia", Sochi
2009 - Personal exhibition of monumental Art, Slavyansk-on-Kuban
2009 -Biennale, Krasnodar
2010 - Personal exhibition, Krymsk
2011 - city exhibition "Mirror of the World", the Karsnodar
2011 - Personal exhibition, Gallery "Art Soyuz", Krasnodar
2011 - Biennale, Krasnodar
2012 - Regional exhibition "Antiquity", Krasnodar
2012 - Regional Exhibition "South of Russia", Rostov-on-Don
2012 - exhibition "Antiquity", Cherkessk
2013 - XI Inter-regional art exhibition "South of Russia", Grozny
2013 - International exhibition of contemporary artists "Indian and Russian motives in the works of artists of the South of Russia. " Embassy the Republic of India in Russia, Moscow.
2013 - Biennale, Krasnodar
2013 - TSHR Exhibition "White Ship", Sochi
2013 - exhibition graphics, Krasnodar
2013 - National Show, Moscow
2014 - Regional exhibition "Urban Romance", Krasnodar
2014 - Regional exhibition, Krasnodar
2015 - edge art exhibition devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
2015 - Regional exhibition "Urban Romance", Krasnodar
2015 - VI All-Russian contest "Russian Artists - for clean water", Sochi.
2015 - Biennale, Krasnodar
2015 - Personal exhibition, Krasnodar
2016 - Russian exhibition "Faces of Russia", Arkhangelsk
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Title: White Day, a monotype
Date Created: 2005
Medium: Watercolor on Canvas
Physical Dimensions: Height: 19″; Width: 27″ inches
Producer: Unique print made by Viktor Weyss
Technique: Monotype
Art Movement: Decorative Realism
Copyright: Photo: © Viktor Weyss
Acquisition: Available
Art Movement: Decorative Realism
Classification: Original /Unframed